We stand behind the systems and the virtual workforces we build for our clients. If for whatever reason, during our client relationship, any of your virtual team members do not work out, get fired, quit or you're not 100% satisfied with them...

We will re-source, re-vet and re-train new virtual team members for your business to replace the ones that did not work out at no additional charge.

We also offer 100% support and system maintenance during our client relationship to ensure that all of the systems we set up with you continue to run soothly.

You're Probably Asking...

 How much will this cost?

We charge a fair fee, but an amount that can easily save you mid five to six figures every year in payroll, software and administrative expenses. If you are committed to investing your time and working with us as required for this to work, you will see the results.

So a better question may be, can you afford not to make this investment?

Because the truth is, it can cost you hundreds to thousands of hours and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to accomplish the same result we can help you achieve in a matter of months, will far less time and effort on your part.

How long does it take to get everything up and running?

Depending on the amount of virtual team members you will need, the specifics of their roles and duties, and the systems we will be focusing on in your business, the exact time it takes to get everything started can vary but we work very efficiently.

Typically within the first 2 weeks to a month, we have fully onboarded the first virtual assistant(s) into your business and they have either begun training or are in the process of finishing training. From there, the following months, we focus on supporting, building systems with your virtual team members and adding on more as necessary.

 What kinds of systems can you help us set up?

We focus on a great variety of systems depending on our client's needs. These frequently include payroll systems, time tracking systems, password & account access systems, file management systems, team communication systems, project management systems, tracking sheets and tracking systems, CRM & dialer systems, standard operating procedures, automations and integrations and can even include the integration and use of artificial intelligence to improve productivity.

We believe that if something can be automated or systematized to become more efficient, it should be before it is delegated in order to save time, money and reduce human errors in your business.

How do you train our virtual workforce?

We train your virtual workforce in a number of different ways including with video training libraries, standards operating procedures, group coaching calls, 24/7 chat support, one-on-one calls as needed, as well as ongoing training, support and accountability throughout our client relationship together.

We teach each of our virtual team members to be as resourceful as possible, to have a strong ability to learn on their own, to research, and even to know when and how to delegate, automate and systematize inside of your business to make everything as efficient as possible.

 What can you train our virtual workforce on?

We specialize in training virtual team members on a great variety of useful skills, tactics, tools, systems and mindsets that can benefit them in working inside of your business.

This covers a vast variety of business systems, skills and more including tracking sheets, Zapier integrations, CRM systems, social media management, recruiting, creating standard operating procedures, executive assistant tasks, VPN's, project management, and more.

On the group calls and one-on-one calls available to our client's and their virtual team members, we offer support and training for each of these, however, of course there are going to be many things specific and custom to your business that we will not be able to teach them.

As the virtual team members are joining your business, and each business's processes, systems and models are unique, you will need to be comfortable and committed to getting the team members up to speed and showing them how to do certain things that are custom to your business.

This is where SOP's (standard operating procedures) come into play. Often times, you'll just have to record yourself doing the task one more time, do it right and you won't have to do it yourself again.

How do I know if this is right for me?

We have helped over 150 businesses save time, money and scale with virtual overseas team members, systems and automations.

That being said, we are not for everyone and turn down many of our applicants and bookings.

In order for our services to make sense for your business, we require that you run an already established business that is generating revenue, there is a need to delegate, automate or systematize and there is clear path to scale, save time or save money as a result of our actions.

For this reason, we sometimes turn down brand new entrepreneurs, depending on where they are in the journey, if there is no clear path to results yet.

In addition to this, it is important to be committed to scaling and systematizing your business. In order for our services to work, we will need to work together to ensure a smooth delivery.

If that sounds like you, we would love to connect and see how we may be able to work together.

How does your free replacement guarantee work?

If for whatever reason, during the duration of our client relationship together, any of your virtual team members do not work out, leave, quit, or get fired, we have you covered.

We will re-source, re-vet and re-train new virtual team members for your business to replace the ones that did not work out at no additional charge.

What do I do next?

If it sounds like we may be a good fit based on the video and the information on this page and you are interested in learning more, simply click the button below to apply and schedule a one-on-one "Cloning Strategy Session" with our team where we will:

- Learn about your business, your current situation and where you are trying to go.

- Gain clarity on the best things to delegate, automate and systematize inside of your business.

- See how we may be able to leverage overseas virtual workforces, systems and automations to save your business time, money and help you scale.

If that sounds at least a little interesting, click the button to apply and book your We Clone You Demo with our team 👇
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